Have you tried all sorts of self-help techniques with good intentions, but can’t seem to move any closer to your goals? Perhaps you’ve seen the movie “The Secret”, and even implemented the Law of Attraction by doing your gratitude lists, making a vision board and being as positive as possible, but you’re still struggling to attract those things you want.

Maybe you have a personal dream you really want to achieve…

• Pursue your dream career
• Attract your ideal soul mate
• Create deeper and more meaningful relationships
• Get the healthier body you desire
• Take a vacation
• Increased financial abundance

Or maybe it’s simply the freedom to express the REAL you! Whatever it is you desire in your life, you DO have the power to create it. Any obstacles blocking your success can be cleared. It’s about understanding how and why these blocks have been set up in the first place! Old patterns and programs in the subconscious mind can be changed, and once you gain that awareness, new neural pathways can be created which will align your subconscious with your goals.  Amanda can help you with this.


Photo by Clare McClelland

The results of deep subconscious healing will initially unlock your creative power and passion, increase your confidence and understanding of the process of manifesting, and will ultimately attract to you greater success in every aspect of your life! How awesome is that!!
Amanda offers personal consultations from her therapy room, as well as unique experiential workshops and retreats from her 20ft Native American Tipi, which blend ancient tribal and ceremonial wisdom with modern cutting edge mind power techniques. Amanda is a consulting hypnotherapist, counsellor and workshop facilitator with over 18 years experience.

Many people are using these techniques to trance-form their lives by tripling their manifesting power and attracting their dreams faster than ever before. Amanda can share with you how you too can tap into your personal power and really make your dreams come true.

Whether it is a personal one on one therapy session you need, where you can talk out your concerns, and bring some sense to it all with a professional psychotherapist, or if it’s a hypnotherapy session you’re after, Amanda can help facilitate your journey.

However if you are looking for workshops and meditation circles, Amanda holds regular group sessions and courses which may interest you.  You can check out more information by clicking on the tabs above!


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