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Is your Inner Goddess out of shape?

As women we are constantly bombarded with information of how we should be, behave, our appearance and other socially accepted stigmas.

We therefore become reliant on external information rather than trusting our own internal wisdom.

This inner wisdom is intuition, it is our guide, it is where our power is.

Is it time to reclaim your power?

A lot of women have been conditioned to be scared or frightened of their emotions because they have been shut down and are often made to feel they are crazy psychopaths. Modern psychology now recognises that suppressed emotions has a direct link to physiological issues. And we also recognise that the emotion is the connection to our intuition.

Have you ever had the feeling that something is just not right?
Have you acted on it? Or ignored it?

A Goddess is in touch with her emotions, her guideposts, her inner knowing, HER POWER.

The Goddess Archetypes throughout history portray the many different aspects of being Woman.  They are powerful on many levels, and by understanding them, can allow we as women to explore, heal and embrace that aspect in our self.  We can also gain a deeper understanding of other women in our life, which allows us to be less judgmental and competitive with our fellow sisters!  Rather, it encourages a sense of true sister-hood!

Ancient legends of these Goddesses may stem from long ago and from different cultures, however there is a universal relevance about their message for all women, still today!  And I’m fairly excited about it!

See, it’s no coincidence that we have been born onto this earth as a woman, at this time, and it’s no coincidence that we have had the upbringing that we had, together with all of its experiences. Sometimes we can wonder why in the world we are here and what is our purpose anyway? We can feel like victims in our family with dynamics that trigger us emotionally, and often painfully, and sometimes can’t help but wonder if we may have been adopted!

Many of these types of questions, when looked at from the perspective of the soul, and consciousness, or energy, can be understood more effectively. If we were to look at the last 2000 odd years, and imagine a timeline which maps the decline of the matriarchal influence, and the rise of patriarchal domination, we see that we are actually living in times of great change right now where balance is being restored.  The larger picture shows there is a shifting of the energies at this time on the planet, now.  The mass consciousness is shifting.

In understanding that the mass consciousness is a reflection of the world population’s most dominant thoughts & energetic vibratory frequencies, it means that NOW is the time we can assist the mass consciousness in reaching critical mass, so that it speeds up the process and tips over.

As more and more women and men heal their subconscious deep wounds, the energy of fear begins to be replaced by a deep sense of love, understanding and healing. This energy shift creates ripples of healing, and balance through the ethers.  This is not airy fairy fluffy stuff – this is science.  The way we think and feel seriously changes the planet.

But it starts with us!

It’s true that many men are awakening into their hearts, and operating at a conscious level, yet many are still suffering the effects and control of the patriarchal dominated mind set. These men are only victims of their upbringing too. It seems easier for a woman to rise with the current flow of strong feminine influence than a man, possibly because we have energetically been suppressed for so long. We naturally see the obvious injustice in the prejudices and sexism witnessed throughout the ages. It may be harder for the majority of men to really feel what we as women feel. And sometimes, men just don’t get it because the masculine way has just been so entrenched in our psyche, as that which is ‘normal’.

How often do you hear men say “stop being a pussy”’ or “I cried like a girl”. Even if men are not overtly sexist, a lot of ‘normal’ language phrases are built into our system which inherently is demeaning to women. Again, I say it is not their fault; they too are just victims of this patriarchal society that has dominated our mass psyche over the last two thousand years.

In saying that, there are many men across the globe however who are balanced and in tune with their inner feminine.  We see many men throughout history who have supported equality between the sexes.  And in today’s era, we see more men, especially with our younger generation becoming more heart centered in their approach to dealing with all types of issues.  The rise of the feminine is at hand!  As we as women access our own true Inner Goddess, we subconsciously give men permission to step into their true God selves.

So this is why I say “It starts with us”. It is up to us as women to firstly empower ourselves – to clear out from our subconscious ANY shame about being a woman, any wounds that need healing – to heal them. As we empower and heal ourselves, we can show our men what it is that women really want, and what really turns us on about a man. We can show our daughters how to stand in their power, which teaches the boys also how to really treat a girl. The ripple effect is phenomenal! Are you following me? Are you feeling the same type of excitement that brings me to tears with the very thought of this world changing because of YOU, because of ME, because of our daughters? Can you imagine our young lads honoring the feminine? And can you imagine, as a woman to finally honor the masculine for his ability to step into his FULL power – to be balanced within himself, as a reflection of the balance within you?

As a conscious & balanced Goddess, it goes with the territory that you can’t help but attract a partner who is also consciously balanced.  And as we heal the feminine & masculine within ourselves, we also heal our relationships. This results in a more conscious sacred union.

Theses are the times we are living in NOW!  We can make a difference, and by getting your Inner Goddess on, you too can help change the world!!

So, I’ll be exploring 7 powerful Goddess Archetypes that may be in need of some nurturing in your life.   So be sure to drop by and determine which of your Inner Goddess’ need a little healing.

For more information on how to get your Inner Goddess back in shape, click here for the upcoming Inner Goddess Makeover Workshop.

Click here to download The Inner Goddess Makeover brochure

Book now buttonFor payment options & registration contact Amanda by email, Facebook, or phone on 0409 173 105.


*The Inner Goddess Makeover is based on the book “The Inner Goddess Makeover” by Tanishka, who has designed this course to work in conjunction with her book. Images sourced from Google.



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