Sign 2 – You attract the same type of intimate relationship patterns into your life

Meet Aphrodite – your Inner Beautiful Muse



Aphrodite is your inner love bug.  She is the essence of romance, feminine beauty and grace, inspiring us to create all things beauteous such as art, music and poetry.  She is ruled by the planet Venus, and is referred to as The Goddess of Love.  She’s all about appreciation of your own unique beauty.


Questions to ask yourself:

  • Am I always worried about how I look?
  • Do I compare myself with others?
  • Do I feel comfortable with my body and my own unique features?
  • Do I express my creative energy? (Drawing, writing, dancing, clothing etc)
  • Do I like being by the beach or water?
  • Am I always searching for the perfect partner, or trying to change my current one?
  • Do I believe that “Cinderella” was a true story?

When our inner Aphrodite is appreciated and working in the positive, she is completely free and liberated within herself to embrace and express her own unique beauty, as well as to also have an appreciation for the beauty in others.

Explore the role of one very powerful Goddess and the role she plays in empowering you with your confidence and life direction.

For more information on how to get your Inner Goddess back in shape, click here for the upcoming Inner Goddess Makeover Workshop.

Click here to download The Inner Goddess Makeover brochure

Places strictly limited to ensure an authentic connection with each participant.

enquire-now-button-300x96For payment options & registration contact Amanda by email, Facebook, or phone on 0409 173 105.

The Inner Goddess Makeover is based on the book “The Inner Goddess Makeover” by Tanishka, who has designed this course to work in conjunction with her book.



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