Sign 3 – You feel out of touch with your inner power

Meet Athena – your Inner Golden Heroine

  • Are you lacking in confidence?Athena
  • Do you have self-doubt?
  • Do you comfort eat?
  • Or do you have other addictions?
  • Do you fear the future?
  • Confused about your career?

If you answered yes to any of these, there’s a good chance your Inner Athena needs some attention.

Athena gives us strength and calls us to stand in our power.  Her golden energy encourages us to shine brightly with personal confidence with our own unique gifts and talents.  She stands for justice and shows us what the right thing to do, for us is.

When we lack the courage to step forth into our life, self doubts need to be explored, which usually find their roots in child hood, where a lot of fears are first set up.  These patterns create a thought-feeling connection which governs how we take the steps and actions in our lives.

Many addictions, whether it be food, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or even relationships are more often than not related to self worth issues with their roots stemming back into child hood.  Athena helps us to heal these wounds and re-align our focus towards a positive sense of identity and worth.

Perhaps you had a dream of yourself when you were a child, of what you wanted to be when you grew up, but you were shut down by your parents or other significant role models for being too imaginative or unrealistic.  In fact Athena shows us that we must individuate from the influences of our father, and his expectations of us, so that we can live out the life we were born to live.  To choose freely of our own free will.  If you have a fear to act in your life, out of worry what your father will think, how the authorities will take it, or if you’ll lose friends over it, then your Athena archetype needs some inner support!

Your inner Athena wants to see you succeed, and reminds you of your own unique ideas.  She champions you to follow your dreams, to create with focus of intent, to watch your thoughts, and keep them aligned with your goals, and ultimately to connect with your own inner power.  She reminds you that you are always supported by the masculine energy of Great Spirit, that you are connected deeply to the Universal Divine power that exists in all things.

Check for the fourth sign, when we touch on ‘mother’ issues.

For more information on how to get your Inner Goddess back in shape, click here for the upcoming Inner Goddess Makeover Workshop.

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Places strictly limited to ensure an authentic connection with each participant.

enquire-now-button-300x96For payment options & registration contact Amanda by email, Facebook, or phone on 0409 173 105.

The Inner Goddess Makeover is based on the book “The Inner Goddess Makeover” by Tanishka, who has designed this course to work in conjunction with her book.


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