Sign 5 – You have trouble expressing yourself

Meet Artemis – your Inner Medicine Woman

This Goddess Archetype encourages us to step into our power through expressing our truth.  If you have trouble saying how you feel, such as getting nervous before you speak, even to the point of crying, or feel as if your throat is closing over with fear, then your inner Artemis may need some healing!

ArtemisThe throat area in the physical body can manifest physical symptoms due to fear of expressing one’s truth.  If you suffer from continual issues with your throat including tonsillitis, and an  over-active or under-active thyroid, then your body is giving you a message.  Artemis energy guides us to heal the emotional issues that can manifest as health problems.  She empowers us to take charge of our health, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually via access to our inner medicine woman or inner shaman so that we can understand what it is we need in order to heal.  It is imperative that we ‘find our voice’ because it is the instrument that expresses verbally who we are.   When we suppress this aspect, its consequences can manifest in serious health problems.  Artemis guides you to trust what medicine you need for you at this time.

Artemis aims her arrow at her target and shoots it.  This doesn’t mean you need to go out and get yourself some archery lessons, it just means that once you know what you want, and aim your energy at that, your focus of will gets you to your target quickly.

Artemis empowers our self hood.  She is the part of you that is independent and learns new skills for self reliance.  This includes trusting your own inner guidance.

Our relationships with other women as well as our communion with the wilderness empower this archetype.  So be mindful of what other women in your life are reflecting to you about yourself.   If someone is pushing your buttons, then find the answers within yourself about what that means for you, what the charge around that emotion is all about, and why you haven’t embraced that aspect within yourself will get you started! Artemis with her shamanic energy will  guide you to also take particular note of any animals that cross your path, and to understand more about animal medicine.

You will know in the guts of your being where your inner medicine woman is guiding you.  It’s time to take action and take responsibility for healing yourself.

Trust in which direction to aim your arrow.

Check for the sixth sign that your Inner Goddess may be a little out of shape.

For more information on how to get your Inner Goddess back in shape, click here for the upcoming Inner Goddess Makeover Workshop.

Click here to download The Inner Goddess Makeover brochure

Places strictly limited to ensure an authentic connection with each participant.

enquire-now-button-300x96For payment options & registration contact Amanda by email, Facebook, or phone on 0409 173 105.

The Inner Goddess Makeover is based on the book “The Inner Goddess Makeover” by Tanishka, who has designed this course to work in conjunction with her book.


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