Sign 6 – You doubt or ignore your inner guidance

Meet Hecate – your Inner Wise Woman

  • Are you afraid of your own inner witch?Hecate
  • Are you out of touch with your gut feeling and intuition?
  • Do you fear the aging process?
  • Are you blocking your psychic abilities or do you fear the supernatural?
  • Do you speak with fairies and dead people but tell no one for fear of being ridiculed and labelled a nut case?
  • Are you depressed?
  • Are you on medication?

Hecate represents that voice inside your head which you may ignore, but then kick yourself later for not listening to.

We can sense Hecate’s presence in our lives when we are feeling depressed, apathetic, exhausted and headed for a nervous breakdown.

During these dark times, she calls us to listen to our inner guidance and encourages us to go inwards and connect with our intuition, gaining the insight necessary for movement forwards.  She reminds us of the wisdom we have attained through past lessons and experiences as well as empowering us to trust in our intuitive feelings.  She taps us into our subconscious by spiraling us into the depths of our own knowingness.

If you are ignoring these messages from the wise old sage inside yourself, you may need to question why?  Most of us have not been encouraged to listen to this inner voice, but rather are encouraged to give our power away to an external authority that appears to have all the answers.  This however only perpetuates self doubt, and deeper disconnection from one’s own truth.  Quite often the medical profession will prescribe anti-depressants and other types of medication, which while helping some people temporarily regain a more balanced quality of life, can suppress the underlying issues.  One can often find these issues repeating themselves.

Hecate inspires us to open up to our magical self and find our rhythm with the cycles of the moon.  So if you feel drawn to bathe under the silvery moonlight within a circle of candles out in your back yard, performing your own personal ritual, then your inner wise woman is calling you to connect more with her!

Once your wise woman is activated, you begin to notice the deeper connection of all things.  Signs and symbols from the Universe begin to appear accordingly, as if by magic.  A deeper awareness and trust in the larger cycles of the cosmos is reinforced and one’s connection with Spirit is strengthened.

This wise woman energy actually begins to enter our awareness at the onset of our first period.  Many ancient rituals and sacred women’s mysteries relate to the power and awareness one gains of the divine feminine during menstruation.  If you find yourself disconnected from your womb, or out of touch with your natural menstruating cycle, then chances are that you are suppressing part of your innate ability to ‘see’.

Many women on the planet at this time are healing past life wounds surrounding fears of expressing their natural intuitive selves.  You may feel called to remember the wisdom you have gained from past life experiences to empower you now to express these gifts more fully.  The rise of the feminine consciousness – it will pull you in its direction and free you into itself as you surrender to it.

Is it time you acknowledged your unique psychic gifts? Is it time you honoured your own inner wise woman?  Hecate asks you to call on her for wisdom and guidance to help awaken this aspect in yourself.

Tomorrow, for the seventh and final sign, it’s all about relationships.

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The Inner Goddess Makeover is based on the book “The Inner Goddess Makeover” by Tanishka, who has designed this course to work in conjunction with her book.


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