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Sign 7 – You fear and suppress your sexual feelings, rather than facing and healing any past traumas

Meet Ishtar – your Inner High Priestess

IshtarYour inner high priestess is all about creating sacred spaces.

You know that feeling you get when you clean the house; you open up all the windows, light the incense and the oil burner with your favourite essential oils, maybe crank the CD player really loudly and even rearrange a bit of furniture?  The feeling you get after that is usually a sense that everything is as it should be.  It’s like an internal comfort that’s felt.

Smudging your home with sacred herbs such as White Sage, drumming, and visualizing white sparkly golden light all through and around your home takes your house cleaning to a whole other level!  Setting crystal grids and using the art of feng shui can help set spaces more effectively.  Your inner High Priestess utilizes her wisdom to create space that flows in harmony  with the natural order of nature.

Your inner Ishtar may also inspire you to create sacred altars around the home to further focus your intent in a more conscious way.  For example, setting up an altar in your bedroom which reflects love and beauty with a vase of flowers, a picture of your beloved, or one of yourself that you love, and anything else on it that is healing and the focus of your intent for you.

Ishtar not only encourages us to create sacred spaces in the home, work or external environment, but also within our own bodies and our sexual relations.  She reminds us that our body is a sacred vessel of divine energetic expression, our body is our temple and when we allow another to enter out temple through sexual relations, we need to feel honoured and appreciated.  (Anything outside of this reflects a lack of boundaries & discernment with the partner you have attracted into your life).

Many shadow Ishtar women fear intimate relations due to past traumas surrounding sexual abuse, and as a result, disconnect themselves from their sexual energy.  It is proven scientifically that sexual suppression can lead to neurosis.  That is, it affects your neurological system.  Your nerves are a conduit of energy and this energy can be referred to as your Kundalini.  The Ishtar archetype encourages us to heal any energetic blocks surrounding sexual suppression so that the kundalini energy flows more fluidly.  Tantric practices are a wonderful place to start, either with your partner or solo.

An Ishtar Goddess working in the positive will not only be connected to her empowered sexual expression, including her natural erotic nature, but will also be conscious of her Divine connection with Great Spirit.  She has a knowing that she is secure, supported and connected with Spirit and trusts implicitly in the Divine Plan.  She sees her body as a vessel through which to channel celestial spirit.

Sometimes we can choose partners who don’t quite comprehend our own personal and spiritual values.  This can reflect our lack of commitment to our spiritual path.  We are reminded that distractions with addictions including dysfunctional relationships are a warning bell that something is out of alignment.  Ishtar helps us to recognize the imbalance.

Here’s some more signs that your Inner Ishtar is out of whack;

  • you suppress your sexual feelings due to past traumas
  • you need stronger and clearer boundaries and more discernment when choosing partners
  • you sometimes unconsciously punish your partner by withholding sex
  • you unconsciously feed off energy from other people rather than connecting with Divine Spirit
  • you have considered being a nun
  • you keep putting off meditation practice with some other excuse

If you are ready to unveil more of your inner Ishtar, then put on your high priestess robes, and get ready to step into your power!


For more information on how to get your Inner Goddess back in shape, click here for the upcoming Inner Goddess Makeover Workshop.

Click here to download The Inner Goddess Makeover brochure

Places strictly limited to ensure an authentic connection with each participant.

enquire-now-button-300x96For payment options & registration contact Amanda by email, Facebook, or phone on 0409 173 105.

The Inner Goddess Makeover is based on the book “The Inner Goddess Makeover” by Tanishka, who has designed this course to work in conjunction with her book.



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