Oct 16 Healesville Full Moon Lodge

Are you feeling disconnected from yourself?

Is it time for you to take a risk and start a new project?

Do you need a little extra juice to get you back in touch with your mojo?

The approaching Full Moon is the perfect time to reconnect with your own sense of independence and remind yourself that you are worth it! And that you can do it!

All are welcome to join me in theTipi for this month’s Full Moon Lodge! A fun & relaxed sharing & meditation circle………for MEN & WOMEN!!!

Your experience takes place within a traditional Native American Tipi (weather permitting) where you will be guided through different processes, (according to the theme of the night), as well as Ceremony.

The evening closes with a shared light supper.

Inspired by the energy of this Full Moon which will be in the astrological sign of ARIES, the focus of the evening will be on empowering personal enthusiasm towards our goals!

And letting go of anything that is blocking our path to that!

A light hearted & soul nourishing evening, these gatherings provide a relaxed space for you to have a bit of time-out from your usual routine. It offers you the opportunity to connect in with yourself, through meditation, journalling & artwork, as well as becoming more aware of the natural cycles of the planet and cosmos that influence us. It’s an opportunity for deep personal transformation on many levels, as well as a building of trust and partnerships within the brotherhood and sisterhood of our communities.

So get your warm sox on, and come and join us in the Tipi!

ADDRESS: Given upon booking


BYO: torch & bottle of water

You may want to bring a shawl, poncho or slippers for added warmth & comfort. Blankets & cushions are available.


Many are currently feeling more than ever the pull towards gathering amongst like minded souls in a sense of community.

These Full Moon gatherings are an opportunity for sharing in a safe and sacred space for the purpose of reconnecting with your divine and authentic sacred nature, as well as with like minded souls. The space invites you to be YOU! There is encouragement of individuality and support in finding your way home to that comfortable, content feeling of just feeling okay to be you.

Being a mixed lodge allows us to commune with our opposite, and through sharing and understanding the opposite sex, we are gifted opportunities to further embrace and heal any wounds surrounding the feminine and masculine energies within ourselves. When balanced, this results in an inner state of Sacred Union. This union, or healing within ourselves literally changes our vibration, or the energy that we transmit and receive. It is scientifically proven that transforming old beliefs in the subconscious, which consequently changes the “feeling” surrounding deep emotional wounds, actually activates neuro-transmitters in the brain which physiologically alter the bio-molecular structure of the brain. This change can bring about healing upon many various levels of one’s being, and thus the individual begins to resonate with a different energy. And this internal change begins to reflect in one’s relationships with others. That is, when one heals wounds surrounding issues with females or males, we begin to attract different people into our life. This reflects the healing in our self. If one continues to attract the same old unwanted pattern of relationship into their life however, it indicates that the wound has not been addressed or is in need of additional attention.

The reason for running these healing circles on the full moon, is to harness and consciously flow with the larger cycles of the cosmos. We are cyclical beings, and live in a cyclical world, and when in unison, energies tend to flow more fluidly.

Being that the moon controls the ocean tides across the planet, it is true that human beings, composed of mostly water, are also affected by the moon. It has an intricate and powerful influence upon our emotions, the feminine aspect of our being. And on a full moon, the Sun, representing the masculine energy, shines it’s light upon la Lunar, highlighting the current associated emotional aspects. It sheds light on emotional aspects that we can celebrate in ourselves, as well as highlight what needs to be released so that we can shine more brightly. The energy of the Full Moon offering us the opportunity to shine our brightest light, gives us permission to celebrate BEING our selves. The proceeding waning of the moon allows us to begin to release that which no longer serves us, so that we may allow room to invite in the new energies.

Cycling with the energies of the cosmos therefore allows us to flow through life with more ease & grace.

BRING YOUR DRUMS & PERCUSSION INSTRUMENTS for a jamming drum circle afterwards! (Weather & energy permitting!)

Please Note there is no nudity or sexual practices at these events.

Also please note, as this event is out doors, there may be occasions where the Tipi is unable to be used due to weather conditions or maintenance. In the event that this should occur, the shed space will be used instead.



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