Moontime Awakening Ceremony


A beautiful experience in remembering what it means to be Woman.

Imagine how your life may have been different if you had been welcomed into a circle of wise women when you first got your period, and began cycling with the moon – women who you could talk to about anything during your teens and twenties as you entered into your womanhood, women who shared their life experiences & who nurtured your potential as positive role models.

* For women who never received a Rites of Passage Ceremony at the onset of their first period
* For women who wish to experience a sacred initiation into womanhood
* A beautiful opportunity to heal any wounds regarding yourself as a woman
* Learn about the influences of the moon, seasons, planets and cosmic cycles
* Discover how traditional cultures honoured a maiden’s journey into womanhood
* Explore the different phases of the feminine ~Maiden~Mother~Enchantress~Wise Woman
* Find out how to encorporate sacred women’s mysteries into your life so you can embrace your mystical moontime (your period) rather than dread it!

This Moontime Awakening Ceremony is for women who never received a Rites of Passage Ceremony at the onset of their first period, as an initiation into womanhood. This is a beautiful opportunity to reclaim your inherent feminine power by healing any wounds surrounding yourself as a woman. You will be guided in a safe and sacred space by an experienced facilitator, Amanda Pippos, and will learn about the moon mysteries in a traditional Native American Tipi, amongst a beautiful bush setting, with a variety of women from all walks of life. You will gain a deeper understanding of your cyclical nature and how you as an energetic being are connected to the larger cycles such as lunar, seasonal, planetary and cosmic cycles.

You will also learn how traditional cultures honour a maiden’s journey into womanhood, as well as how their moontime (menstruation) was celebrated from a mystical perspective, so that you can further embrace the gifts that time of the month has to offer. This includes discussion of sacred women’s mysteries and how this relates to our menstrual cycle. Also covered are the different phases of the feminine including the maiden, mother, enchantress and wise woman.

The Ceremony is inclusive of all faiths and philosophies.
This Ceremony is open to all women from 16 years of age.

Amanda’s background includes 17 years as a consulting therapist with hypnotherapy, counselling and naturopathy as her main modalities. She is an experienced group facilitator and leader of Ceremony, and is passionate about assisting women to reconnect with and remember their divine, authentic selves.

Your day includes:-
– Sharing Circle
– Teaching of women’s mysteries
– Discussion of the Lunar Cycle
– Guided Meditation
– Artwork & Clay Crafting
– Oracle Cards
– Shared Luncheon

DATE: Sunday 2nd July 2017
TIME: 10.30AM for an 11AM START
COST: $150 per person ($120 Concession)
VENUE: Address given upon booking

LUNCH: Please bring a plate of nutritious food to share for our luncheon together.

DEPOSIT: A $50 deposit is required by Friday June 16th to secure your cushion in the Tipi.
Please note that spaces are limited, so book early to avoid disappointment!

Contact Amanda Pippos for more details on 0409 173 105, on Facebook via private message or
Email –


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