Winter Solstice Dream Weaving


Have you got the winter blues?
Are you feeling low on energy?
Lost all your enthusiasm?
Need to spark up your focus on your goals & dreams?

A magical time is upon us when in the depths of the winter spell…
Tis an opportunity to harness the wisdom held within the darkness of the season, and oft within ourselves.
A time for introspection. For slowing down. For taking stock.
And a time for letting go, of what we no longer need.

Winter Solstice heralds the coming of the light, as the longest night of the year precedes the beginning of the days getting longer again.
We are sparked with inspiration and growth with the faith of the coming sun. Increased Vitamin D produces more seratonin, and we start to get our mojo back again!

Winter Solstice is therefore a wonderful time to set intentions for the coming cycle and to begin weaving our energy towards our goals and dreams.

So come and join me in the Tipi for this two day workshop held over two consecutive Sundays where you will be guided to weave your dreams into reality, through meditation, manifesting techniques and crafting your own Dream Catcher.

When: Sunday 18th & 25th June
Time: 10.30am – 5pm
Where: Healesville (Address given upon booking)
Investment: $240 Concession: $180
(All materials are provided)

** Please bring a nutritious plate of food to share for lunch
(Afternoon tea with chai, tea and coffee provided)

* Dream analysis & interpretation
* Tools & techniques to keep your Dreams & goals alive
* Understanding of the different levels of consciousness
* Empowerment during the dark times of winter
* How to harness the Winter Solstice energy
* Confidence to pursue your Dreams
* Creation of your own Dream Catcher

You will learn about the power of Dreaming, and how your subconscious mind governs 90% of what and how you manifest.

Understand and interpret your dreams, nightmares or recurring dreams.

Awaken your potential and self belief through meditation and art therapy in a warm, fun and welcoming environment.

Learn how to make a Dream Catcher – a beautiful crafted symbolic art piece of your own making. Originating from the Native American tribes, the Dream Catcher was said to be hung above or near where one sleeps, where it will trap any negative dreams, and only allows the positive dreams to pass through. In the morning as the sun rises, the sunlight transmutes and dissolves away the trapped dreams in the web. (All materials will be provided, but you are welcome of course to bring your own pieces to decorate your Dream Catcher, such as beads, feathers etc).

Your experience takes place in a traditional Native American 20 ft Tipi set in the Yarra Valley. The course runs over two Sundays, one before the Winter Solstice and one after the Solstice.

DAY 1. (Sunday 18th June)
Understand the power of the subconscious mind.
Understand and interpret your nightly dreams.
Tap into the darkness that is the Winter solstice
Discover any blocks that may hinder you pursuing your conscious dreams and goals
Release what you want to let go of through Ceremony
Begin making your Dream Catcher

DAY 2. (Sunday 25th June)
Getting focused for the season ahead
Planning the design of your dreams and goals
Tap into the energy of the coming light
Manifesting Ceremony
Complete your Dream Catcher

These workshops are run by experienced facilitator Amanda Pippos, with over 17 years experience consulting as a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, counsellor and naturopath.

For bookings or further information please contact Amanda through private message on Facebook,
Mobile Phone 0409 173 105,
or Email –


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