Save the tipi!

I have started a campaign with POZIBLE to help save the life of the Tipi.  This beautiful structure has become a space where one can deepen their personal healing journey by connecting with others in a Sacred Circle.  These healing circles are run every New Moon for Women, and every Full Moon for both men and women.

There’s something incredibly special about sitting with others, in a circle, around a fire, on the earth.  It’s deeply healing on so many levels.
But being up all year long, through all types of weather, it’s now due for some maintenance and it needs your support!

Traditionally the Tipi is removed during the Winter season and prepared for the Spring season. As my Tipi is available for use all year round, it has been impacted by the elements. The UV rays have destroyed the water resistant coating resulting in the growth of mould (we don’t want to sit with mould!) and streams of water flooding the Tipi. Traditionally the Tipi would have had a fire daily and the smoke from this fire helps prevent the growth of mould and combats any dampness. As this Tipi is only used for ceremonies and workshops there is not a daily fire.

Consequently the Tipi now requires to have the mould removed and the water proofing re applied, (and a few other things!).


Receive a service or product from me in exchange for any pledge you make to support the life of the Tipi. Your support will provide the water resistant coating for application to the canvas, plus other supportive measures to bring the Tipi back to life.  A list is provided on the link so you know where your money is going!   I have been maintaining the Tipi as best I can over the last few years, but I now need your support.


Gift vouchers available. Get in early for Christmas!  Yes!  With Christmas just around the corner (how did that happen again so quickly?), perhaps you may find a gift in what I have to offer.  There are gift vouchers for Moonlodges, Massages and Healing essions.  And there is a handmade Smudge Stick made from Rosemary and Sage, all from my garden!  All prices are discounted from their usual cost, so it’s a wonderful opportunity to grab an offer PLUS help a great cause!

The Tipi is a Sacred Space for ceremony that positively adds to people’s experience in workshops, moonlodges and ceremonies. This is due to the energy held within the Sacred Space of the Tipi.

A Sacred Space; where there is no one above, no one below, no one in front and no one behind.

We are all equal.