Meditation & Healing services

Amanda offers a range of professional Energy Healing services including Meditation classes, Relaxation classes, Chakra balancing, and Relaxation massages.

Meditation Classes

There are many different types of meditation practice, all of which focus on achieving a state of mindfulness through stilling of the thoughts.

Amanda incorporates gentle breathing techniques, with body relaxation and guided visualization to provide you with the opportunity to reach profound depths of relaxation and healing. In this space you can harness the power of your subconscious mind to create your world to be all that you desire it to be!!!

Chakra Balancing

These energy vortices govern the endocrine systems of the body, which majorly influence the associated organs and functionings.

Amanda will assist you to balance out the major energy centres in your body, and assist you to bring your awareness to any areas requiring additional attention.

Relaxation Massage

Using aromatherapy oils to enhance your relaxation experience, along with calming music and surroundings, swedish style strokes will soothe your tired and aching muscles and you can relax into a deep sense of wellbeing.


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