“When I met Amanda, I was overweight and consumed by a multiple of fears and phobias including flying, elevators and confined spaces. Just the thought of going to a restaurant or cinema caused me extreme anxiety. Working with Amanda has completely changed my mind set.

She has empowered me to take control of the quality of life that I choose for myself; which now brings me freedom, excitement, safety and the joy of spending quality time with my family and friends, outside the confines of my own home! I now fly regularly, and travel wherever I want to.

Amanda is always with me heart and soul, and I will be eternally grateful that she opened the doors for me to heal naturally. To complement all of this, I have also lost 18kg in weight!”
– Sue Bloomfield

“I completed the Inner Goddess Makeover Course with Amanda Pippos in 2012. This has been one of the best investments I have made in myself! Each month the journey we undertook to explore our strengths and shadow selves allowed me to work with my strengths to look into the shadows and face fears in a safe space.

Amanda guided us through different aspects of ourselves which we otherwise could have ignored, allowing us to grow and evolve into the Goddesses we are. Meeting each month with women who have become my soul SiStars in a Native American Tipi was the most wonderful journey I have undertaken.

I would recommend the Inner Goddess Makeover Course to all women of all ages. It is an investment in yourself which you will not regret. Amanda is an amazing facilitator and shares her knowledge and wisdom in safe and sacred space. I have learnt so much about myself and continue to use the tools I learnt to enhance my life and grow.”
– Angela Foster, Health and Wellbeing Consultant

The Inner Goddess Makeover was a beautiful personal journey to take. It has rewarded me with an abundance of self worth and more of an acceptance of not only myself, but also others.

Amanda’s nurturing and loving spirit make her an amazing facilitator, guide and support throughout these workshops.

The bonds made between women are nothing short of magical, something no woman should ever be without.”
– Angela Marotti


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