Full Moon Lodge

By the fireJoin in on the Healesville Full Moon Lodge, held on a monthly basis for men and women for a fun and soul nourishing experience that will fuel your spirit!!

Many are currently feeling more than ever the pull towards gathering amongst like minded souls in a sense of community.

These Full Moon gatherings are an opportunity for sharing in a safe and sacred space for the purpose of reconnecting with your divine and authentic sacred nature, as well as like minded souls. Being a mixed lodge allows us to commune with our opposite, further allowing us to embrace the feminine and masculine energies within ourselves, and resulting in an inner state of Sacred Union. This then reflects in our relationships and our world.

Where as the energy of the Dark Moon gives us the opportunity to manifest and bring into our world what we desire, the energy of the Full Moon offers us the opportunity to shine our brightest light, and celebrate BEING our selves, and being prepared to begin to release that which no longer serves us, after the Moon reaches her fullest, and then begins to wane.

Allow Amanda to be your host for the evening as you share in sacred space within a traditional Native American Tipi and connect in with your inner selves, each other’s stories and the current cosmic influences.

These circles give you the opportunity to discover what you need to let go of in order to create what you most need in your life.

You will be guided through processes, meditation, acts of beauty & art and Ceremony.

BRING YOUR DRUMS & PERCUSSION INSTRUMENTS for a jamming drum circle afterwards!
(this may or may not happen depending upon the vibe of the evening!)

Time: 7pm for a 7.30 start – 11pm

Cost: $35 waged/ $25 concession

Venue:  Healesville (address supplied on booking)

Food:  Bring a plate to share for supper (there is a stove top cooker, chafing dish, or wood-fire heater to warm food if required).

BYO:   Bottled water, torch, shawl & slippers (if desired!)

Parking: Please park alongside drive way and NOT on the grassy areas as these are extremely boggy! (You may need to park on the closest street if no parking available, which is only a short walking distance from the property)



Group jamming with drums around fire

  • Friday February 10
  • Sunday March 12
  • Tuesday April 11
  • Wednesday May 10
  • Friday  June 9
  • Sunday July 9
  • Monday  August 7
  • Wednesday  September 6
  • Thursday October 5
  • Saturday November 4
  • Sunday December 3




*Please note: All men & women welcome as these are mixed lodges. There is no nudity or sexual practices. These are drug & alcohol free gatherings, though celebratory drinks are acceptable AFTER Ceremony when we break for our feast. This is so you remain clear & centred during your lodge experience.

If you feel drawn to this circle please join the event or for more details please contact Amanda Pippos on mobile phone 0409 173 105, email, or inbox via facebook.


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