The Inner Goddess Makeover Course 2017

An exciting series of empowerment seminars for women of all ages wishing to reclaim & empower their feminine sense of self.

ig-flippedThis unique transformational course of self-discovery reawakens the mystical secrets taught in ancient mystery schools, enabling participants to untap the potential of their feminine wisdom & power. This is achieved through the meeting of the 7 feminine archetypes which act as keys to understanding & balancing the 7 chakras (the main energy centres located within the body.) Commencing at the base chakra (located at the base of the spine) we journey up through each energy centre on a monthly basis, exploring the psychological, emotional, energetic & physical blocks which inhibit the ecstatic expression of your Divine, authentic self.

Is your Inner Goddess out of shape?

Inner Goddess Makeover Course Outline

Each initiate will receive a private session at both the commencement & completion of the course to ascertain & review which archetypes are dominant & submissive within their psyche, enabling them to identify & change limiting core beliefs & sabotaging patterns.


These seminars (see below) explore the psyche of eve plus the 7 Universal feminine aspects within us by incorporating the ancient teaching traditions of storytelling, shamanism, tantra, art therapy, guided visualization,sacred ceremony, group counsel, crystal therapy & harmonics. (Includes all materials).

Accessing wisdom through art

Photo by Clare McClelland

March 5: Introduction to eve
April 2: Lilith Seminar
April 30: Aphrodite Seminar
May 28: Athena Seminar
July 2: Demeter Seminar
July 30: Artemis Seminar
August 27: Hecate Seminar
September 24: Ishtar Seminar
October 29: Graduation Celebration!

What You Will Personally Gain

  • Insight to correct self-sabotaging patterns
  • Practical tools & experiential processes
  • Access to a network of self-aware women
  • A safe space to explore personal issues
  • Renewed creativity & inspiration
  • Alignment with your highest potential & life purpose
  • Recognition of unconscious archetypal issues
  • Validation & empowerment of your feminine gifts
  • A fun, deeply affirming & unforgettable life experience

Places strictly limited to ensure an authentic connection with each participant.

To secure your transformational cushion in the tipi, and make 2017 YOUR year, make a deposit of $149.50 now. (due by FRIDAY 24TH FEBRUARY)

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Price: $1194.95 (Total price for 9 months)

$100 OFF if paid in full by MONDAY 20TH

Monthly payment plans are available!
Contact Amanda for the suggested payment schedule

Click here to download The Inner Goddess Makeover brochure

enquire-now-button-300x96For payment options & registration contact Amanda by email, Facebook, or phone on 0409 173 105.

The Inner Goddess Makeover is based on the book “The Inner Goddess Makeover” by Tanishka, who has designed this course to work in conjunction with her book.


“I completed the Inner Goddess Makeover Course with Amanda Pippos in 2012. This has been one of the best investments I have made in myself! Each month the journey we undertook to explore our strengths and shadow selves allowed me to work with my strengths to look into the shadows and face fears in a safe space.

Amanda guided us through different aspects of ourselves which we otherwise could have ignored, allowing us to grow and evolve into the Goddesses we are. Meeting each month with women who have become my soul SiStars in a Native American Tipi was the most wonderful journey I have undertaken.

I would recommend the Inner Goddess Makeover Course to all women of all ages. It is an investment in yourself which you will not regret. Amanda is an amazing facilitator and shares her knowledge and wisdom in safe and sacred space. I have learnt so much about myself and continue to use the tools I learnt to enhance my life and grow.”
– Angela Foster, Health and Wellbeing Consultant

“The Inner Goddess Makeover was a beautiful personal journey to take. It has rewarded me with an abundance of self worth and more of an acceptance of not only myself, but also others.

Amanda’s nurturing and loving spirit make her an amazing facilitator, guide and support throughout these workshops.

The bonds made between women are nothing short of magical, something no woman should ever be without.”
– Angela Marotti





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