Red Tent Women’s Circles

‘A wonderful reminder of what it means to be a woman today.
Thank you for a gorgeous evening!’ – Cath.

Join in on one of this month’s Red Tent Women’s Circles with a variety of beautiful women of all ages, and all walks of life, to share in the mystery of the sacred feminine.


Traditionally throughout tribes of indigenous culture, the Moon Lodge was held on the dark of the moon, the time where our intuition is at it’s most heightened, and also the most powerful time to manifest our heart’s desires. This is the time where our Grandmother Moon is in shadow from the light of the Sun and therefore also, where what is in shadow within our subconscious mind is brought to the surface of our consciousness to be recognized and healed. This can be experienced through oracle card readings, sharing stories of the past lunar month that are relevant to the theme, meditation, art therapy, creative activities, lunar release & manifestation as well as ceremony.


Every aspect of the Red Tent encompasses exploration of the feminine energy from indigenous cultures to the modern day shaman. It is a safe and sacred space in which you have the opportunity to reconnect with your inner self, to share your intuition & gifts, and be supported in a sisterhood of exchanged knowledge & wisdom. By consciously living in harmony in this way with the lunar cycles, we celebrate the power of the feminine, and recognize our part in the co-creation of the world in which we live. The Red Tent is a non-denominational circle and offers an authentic and safe space for all women to co-create together, for the benefit of ourselves, our families, our communities & tribes, our planet and the universe.


Treat yourself to a night out that will nourish your soul and fill you up! I look forward to meeting you in the Moon Lodge for an experience that will be filled with magic and wonder…

If you feel drawn to attend and wish to book, or for further information, please contact Amanda by email,
Facebook, or phone on 0409 173 105.

Time:  7pm for a 7.30pm start until 11pm

Cost:   $35 waged / $25 concession

Venue:  Healesville (address supplied on booking)

Food:  Bring a plate to share for supper (there is a stove top cooker, chafing dish, or wood-fire heater to warm food if required).

BYO:   Bottled water, torch, shawl & slippers (if desired!)

Parking: Please park alongside drive way and NOT on the grassy areas as these are extremely boggy! (You may need to park on the closest street if no parking available, which is only a short walking distance from the property)



  • Sunday February 26rt-shed
  • Monday March 27
  • Wednesday April 26
  • Thursday May 25
  • Friday June 23
  • Sunday July 23
  • Monday August 21
  • Wednesday September 20
  • Thursday October 19
  • Saturday November 18
  • Monday December 18

The above dates may not all fall on the actual date of the dark moon, but are as close as possible. I would recommend noting on your calendar the dark moon dates so you remember to set your new moon intention, if there’s not a Red Tent on that particular time, keeping in mind that the first 8hrs into the new moon are the most potent time for manifesting.


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